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Friday, December 18, 2009

Walk With Me Mama!!

We went to Pan Pacific Hotel, KLIA to see my SIL.. While waiting papa at the lobby, Arsyad was happy exploring here and there.. He won't walk unless mama hold both of his hands.. He seems so awkward walking with the shoe, but he enjoyed it so much.. hehe..

Enjoyed his walk with mama n papa.. :)
He loves to touch the christmas tree.. :)

Love to see him sit on this sofa.. hehe..
Owh~ he hate to sit in his stroller nowadays.. I know he can walk already, but then i dun wanna let him walk in the mall by himself.. It is good actually coz he can explore the world around him.. Tp larat ke mama nk kejar sana sini?? hehe.. If papa is always around, should be no problem.. But then, if we just went out only two of us, how?? Huh~ tak sanggup mama sayang!! :D


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