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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why I Quit My Job?

Its been a year plus since i quit my job.. Some people keep on asking me when will i work again?? Dah tak rase nk keje ke?? Takkan nak jage anak je kat umah?? Tak bosan ke dok umah?? At first, all those quoestions really annoyed me.. Sometimes rase nk tanye je, is there any other things that u can ask beside that question?? But then, i dun feel anything now if they're asking me all those questions.. Coz, i feel so damn lucky and blessed, i've a chance to take care of my son 24-7, take care of my hubby, and no need for me to feel stressed or tense driving thru the jam, need to do this and that to meet the due date, tension with our boss.. Huh~ i'm so damn tired to get thru all those things again.. Dun wanna remember all those things anymore.. haha..

Since i finished my SPM's exam, i registered myself at UTP, this is before the SPM result come out.. I just used my trial result, so i didn't have a long holiday after my SPM exam.. Then, after my 4 and 1/2 years of study in UTP, i just rest for 2 weeks then terus keje at Exxonmobil.. I love working there besides the "busy-ness".. Then after 2 months, i've received the offer letter from Petronas where i'll be working at Kertih, Terengganu.. Eventho i've tried to get myself a position at KLCC, but then i've no choice just to accept.. Which one do u want?? Pay the 100% scholarship or just work with them?? Where the hell i'm gonna get the RM100k money huh?? Yes Petronas gave us a lot of money during our study.. Actually i just need to pay 10% of that amount based on my result, but then if i rejected the offer, then it will become "Breach of Contract", so i need to pay the full amount.. Quite sad coz i'll be far far away with my love ones..

Then, start working in Kertih.. At first, i've tried so hard to adapt with the environment.. It is so different with Exxonmobil.. Finally, i'm fine with it.. Then, getting engaged and married.. Expressed my intention to transfer to my boss, but then it is their policy to wait till 5 years, only then u can be transferred.. Hurm~ but i know, they just put it that way, so many people whose still work in Kertih for 8 to 10 years.. Still, can't be transferred.. Coz of so damn tired to travel every weekend, KL - Kertih - KL (Hubby still work in KL.. Keje dia mmg takde kat Kertih), i've decided to quit (ade la jugak other reasons.. but then can't story in here.. hehe).. Byk duit abes tau just for travelling.. And, kesian jugak kat hubby coz he needs to drive all the way.. It is not easy stay apart with ur love ones, especially bila dh pregnant and ada anak.. Maybe some people can if their family is just nearby.. But then i'm all alone in Kertih.. Owh~ always in tears at that time.. :(

Now, I'm happy, so damn happy!! Only now i can have a rest and take a long holiday.. Yerla, some people after study tunggu berbulan2 baru dpt keje.. I'm lucky enuff to get the job directly after my study.. Btw, I didn't regret with my decisions, especially when i heard the news, what's happening in the company right now.. hehe..

I dun know y i felt like wanna post this entry.. haha.. Just feel like it.. :P


  1. Well dah ketentuan ALLAH semua tu :) Kita merancang ALLAH yg tentukan. Btw I hope I can quit my job too but with all the commitments now.. i dun think so :)

    Yeahh I know long-distance relationship is quite tiring and stressful. I'm glad I have a hubby whose willing to travel almost every weekend (PEN-KL_PEN) just to meet his wife even for only 2 days and that last for 3 YEARS and that's 144 weeks / times of travelling!! If I have to go thru it again.. I don't think I can coz I already get used having him around :)


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