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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Arsyad's 1st Birthday Celebration

27th December 2009

It's been a year already.. How time flies.. At first, we didn't plan anything on his BIG day.. I'm so damn tired with our new house, cleanup and unpack all the stuff (till now, still a lot of stuff still in their boxes).. So, I thought we just celebrate his birthday with only 3 of us.. But then hubby insisted to invite our sistas and bro to celebrate together, just a small celebration..

We went out to buy the cake and other party's stuff around 12pm.. Had our lunch and went back home around 330pm.. You know what?? We just did all the preparations for about 1/2 an hour.. All the guests came around 430pm, and we started the decoration (tiup2 belon je pon..hahaha) around 4pm.. Owh~ thanks to K.Ngah for the yummilicious mee goreng.. hehe..

Arsyad was so damn excited when we started do the decorations.. Love to play with all the balloons.. But once his cousins, aunties and uncles started to come, mula la malu2.. Always wanted me to hold him.. Hehe.. Btw, thanks to all the lovely presents and thanks for coming.. :) Enuff with all the stories, enjoy the piccas taken by my sista, Jem.. :D

Tiup lilin beramai2..
Bukak hadiah.. Others yg excited.. hahaha..
Birthday boy sleepy.. Last2 tido smpai org balik..
Kiddos enjoy playing with the toys..
Mama and Papa love U so much baby.. Be a good boy kay!! Mmmmuuaaahhhss!!


  1. Happy Birthday Arsyad, hope u enjoy playing with your new Thomas & Emily :) from zafran with Love :)


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