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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sneak Preview..

Went to our house again yesterday.. To clean up the floor first.. Others, just wait for the cleaner on 18th laa.. I dun have time to do all that by myself.. So, as promised, here are few piccas of our home sweet home.. Just the ceiling.. Haha..

Living Hall
Dining Hall
I love it so much.. Eventho they are not exactly what i want, but it is almost the same, as long as it is simple and look modern.. :P So, ok la kan.. Janji sedap mata memandang.. Hehe.. What do u think guys?? :D

Btw, we brought Arsyad along as we've already clean up the floor.. He was so damn excited as he can crawl and walk anywhere he wants.. But, the one he always love to do was climbing up the stairs.. Huh~ Penat la mama nk kejar nnti.. Look at his happy faces.. Rase nk cubit2 jek.. Hehe..

"I love my new home so much", said Arsyad.. Hahahaha..


  1. bestnye new home.. can't wait for other pics..

  2. jue, mmg cantex uma. bila psg kitchen cabinet?

  3. Tq2 everyone.. :) kitchen cabinet lambat sikit.. hehe.. tunggu~ :D

  4. seronoknya arsyad dapat main tangga..jenuhla u nk kejar dia nnti silap2 dia lagi laju

  5. hurm tu la.. penat la nk kejar nnti.. kene psg safety gate atas n bwh.. hehe.. thanks hajar.. :)

  6. Hi future neighbour.. I punya rumah kat no30, blok A.. belum pindah lagi, still yet to install grill, downlight and things.. when are you planning to move in?

  7. Hi Noris.. U punye umah yg extend blkg tu kan? Kiteorg InsyaAllah pindah this coming saturday.. Now tgh bz packing.. Taktau la bile nk abes.. hehe.. U all bile plan nk pindah?

  8. cantik...blh tau area mane umah?kontraktor mane tu?mane tau murah,leh join sekaki,sbb sy tgh cari kontraktor ni:)

  9. hi..baru perasan u nye comment nih.. umah area subang galaxy, dekat dgn subang airport, subang bestari.. contractor ni yg mmg dtg kat area umah ni, kebetulan murah so ok la.. nama company tuh Top Fellowship Renovation.. hurm..e-mail la sy nnti kay, nnti i bg contact no..


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