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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clean up~ Clean Up~ Clean Up~

Today, hubby and I went to our new house to clear all the rumput2 or should i say "lalang"?? Hurm~ not yet "lalang" la but then it is so damn like semak samun.. Luckily the size is just small, so no need for me to bercucuk tanam, berkebun bagai later on.. hahaha..

We sent Arsyad to my sis's house.. Luckily he was ok, but then he seems like scared and knew mama n papa were not there.. So, he just shut his mouth up, not talkative as usual.. I'm so sorry baby.. I can't bring u along coz it is so damn hot out there, and u just recover from your fever.. I dun wanna take any risk.. And, if we brought u along, it will be a bit difficult for both of us to do all the cleaning and gardening.. Gardening la sgt.. :P

We just received our hood and hob today.. Paid to the Indonesian guy for the paint job that he had done, nicely done and cheap also.. And, he is kind enuf to repair some of the wall skirting and also our store's door.. Hurm~ we're thinking of to hire him to do the fence at our backyard, not now of coz.. Later, once we install our kitchen cabinet.. Owh btw, we'll move in without our kitchen cabinet.. Need to wait few more weeks.. Its okay for me, coz i dun have to cook.. Hahaha.. So damn lazy nowadays to cook, to wash all the dishes.. If i prepare the dinner, my hubby will clean up the kitchen.. Luckily i've him, who is always there to help me.. Thanks dear~ really2 appreciate it..

Hurm~ back to our house.. Our water filter has been installed.. Tomorrow we'll go there again to check the water as we asked the plumber to install something that can increase the water pressure, for upstairs only.. So, no need for us to buy the water heater together with the pump.. As we already have 1 water heater, so just installed this one at our new house.. No need to buy a new one.. Kalau tak psg pump tuh, slow sgt air kat bilik air atas.. At first, we just thinking of to do it at our bathroom, at master bedroom.. Then on 2nd thought, just do it at both bathrooms, no need to call them again, and no need to clean up all the mess again later on.. I can't imagine how am i going to clean up the whole house all by myself.. Especially the ceiling and fans.. Aaarrgghh!! Maybe i just call up the cleaner once in a month to do all that.. Hahaha..

Enuf for today.. Both of us were so damn tired berkebun.. Tu pon cabut je rumput, tak tanam ape lg.. haha.. Owh sorry coz no piccas.. I forgot to bring our camera.. So, can't post my house's view after the renovation.. Nothing big tho, just a little one..

p/s: Need to read our alarm system manual.. I forgot to bring it just now, then we can't on our alarm.. Afraid to just lock our house like that coz lots of things in there already.. Tomorrow our house will be alarmed.. Hehe..


  1. wahhh...i love the excitement nak pindah umah..penat but best esp umah sendiri..enjoy Jue!!


  2. seronok kan kalo nk pindah rumah penatnye pon berganda!!! huarghhh!!!!! been there... been there... rest la selagi boleh yea.. :D

  3. Hajar: tu lah..excited melampau2.. arsyad pon excited, jln sana sini.. umah takde ape lg, seronok la dia main..

    Fiza: mmg seronok.. tp tuh la penat sgt2.. hehe.. camane la nk rest ngan si kecik nih.. :D


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