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Friday, November 20, 2009

My Bundle of Joy

Whenever i'm not in a good mood, there's only one thing that can totally cheer me up.. It's my lil one, Arsyad.. When he's not crying of coz.. haha.. Really love watching his face, especially when i'm brestfeeding him.. rase tenang jek when i'm looking at his cute and innocent face.. :)

There's nothing more exhilarating than watching our baby doing all sorts of things.. Either smiling, laughing, babbling, rolling over, crawling, trying to walk, climbing, sleeping or even playing peek-a-boo with others.. That is why they are called bundle of joy, they simply bring joy to our life rite??


  1. dah sronok2 main.. kn kurung pulak.. hihi.. nangis.. eeii eii x alu .. sian dia.. sis .. ciut sgt bile dia tsengih.. nmpk gigi dia..

  2. hehe.. tu la.. tibe2 je kene kurung, tu yg meraung tuh.. :D

  3. boleh masuk iklan johnson nih..haha!!

  4. Like my baby...sonok dpt tgk prkembangan diaorg kan...


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