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Friday, December 11, 2009

Red Spots On His Body

My baby just recovered from his fever last Wednesday.. I'm so damn worried coz he didn't have any cough or running nose.. His body temperature was suddenly increase right after i've had my breast abscess.. Yeah i did gave him the milk on my right breast, which is before i knew that my milk's color turn to yellow.. We went to the clinic, and the doctor said it was just a normal fever, no lung or ear infection, nothing to worry about.. Three days after that, his body temperature back to normal..

Dun know whether u can see or not.. Ni tak byk lg, awal2 baru nak kuar..
Yesterday is the worse.. Sedey sgt tgk muka dia, merah2..
But he is one happy boy, always..
Then, suddenly these red spots slowly appears on his face then on his body.. At first i thought it is some sort of allergies.. But then my MIL and my sis said it was demam campak.. The symptoms is like that, the red spots will appear once the fever is gone.. It is not chicken pox (chicken pox and demam campak sama ke??) i think.. Coz i google it, and it mentions that chicken pox has red spots and blisters.. But, my son doesn't have it.. It is just like rashes under his skin.. He is obviously not comfortable with all the red spots on his hands, legs and body.. He'll cry and cry especially during noon, maybe bcoz he feels so itchy.. Poor him~ :( To make him feel better, i did apply the calamine lotion (calamine or chamomile).. Owh~ i dunno which one.. But i use the one in the picture.. It is easy to apply coz it is just like our deodorant, just roll on.. Not like the one that i used to get, have to use our hand to apply, then it is quite difficult to get rid of it..

Abes kene sapu kat muka, tgn n body.. baring jek after kene sapu..

This is the lotion that i use.. It is good for any rashes as well..
Today is the 3rd day.. And the red spots is not that obvious like yesterday.. But then we still need to quarantine him from going out, afraid if he'll spread the virus and the red spots will get worse.. So, quarantine him meaning that quarantine myself as well.. huhu~ Its okay, as long as my baby will get better soon..

Pray for my baby yeah~


  1. I'm not a DOCTOR but I believe what Arsyad is having is Roseola

    From what I googled on Roseola – this is one of the most common causes of fever and rash in infants and young children. It starts out with three days of moderate to high fevers, with no other symptoms. Just when you start to get worried, the fever breaks on day four and your infant develops the rash yet acts almost entirely well. The rash consists of red spots and bumps starting on the upper back and neck, spreading down the trunk and into the extremities. It sometimes has a lacy appearance.

    Zafran pon penah kena and it's not Campak.. :)

  2. oh irfan slalu gak dapat rashes nowadays i think because of the weather. he kept on scratching his body ja, kekadang sampai bleed. thanks for sharing about this lotion, bole cuba ni

  3. Yanie: Aku ade jugak google pasal rashes kat badan arsyad tuh, and kuar la pasal roseola nih.. bley jd jugak coz symptom2 dia same mcm arsyad kene.. tak dpt nk confirmkan coz tak sempat jumpe paeds dia.. clinic pg je bukak, mlm tutup sbb cuti skolah.. tp klau btol roseola ni lega sikit..

    Drama Mama: Owh, this lotion is good.. dpt kurang kan rase gatal dia.. rase berangin gitu..try la.. i just bought it at the pharmacy.. :)

  4. arsyad!!! cian dia.. :(
    nnt baik yea.. unty pray for u.. hugs...
    eh, y did ur milk turn yellow dear?

  5. breast abscess fiza.. this is the 2nd time i kene.. usually jd camtu coz ade duct yg tersumbat.. mcm breast engorge la, tp klau biar makin trok.. akan kene infection.. i tak sedar smpai la i demam coz my breast tak engorge and takde merah2.. pastu i keep on pump and picit2, then perasaan la kuar warna kuning susu tuh.. pekat sikit mcm nanah gitu.. sakit giler!! i tak bg la my baby minum until confirm semua kuning tu dh abes..


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