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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celcom Bill Issue!!

Last month, hubby and I received sms from Celcom, mentioned that we've already exceeded our credit limit which is RM300 for my bill and RM350 for hubby's.. Hubby and I was like "what the h*ll!!".. coz we just received our bill, and it mentioned that mine was around RM80 and hubby's even -RM93.. Hubby did pay mine.. So, how come we've exceeded our credit limit??

Hubby did call Celcom and they said that the amount was correct, mine was RM315 and hubby's around RM3++ gak.. After arguing for quite some times, hubby then just paid RM200 coz they've already barred our line.. Then, last night we've received our bill again.. And you know what?? Hubby's bill is just RM35 and mine was RM130.. So, which one is correct?? I dun know what is wrong with their billing system.. I know few weeks back they've had server problems for billing.. But then takkan la kiteorg kene bayar the amount yg we even didn't use kan?? Hey!! Fix your sisytem la!!

EEEEEEE!!! So damn ANGRY right now!! Will go to their office and show the bill, and asked them to explain everything!! Feel like wanna change to Maxis skrg jugak tau!! EEEEEEE!!!


  1. Mmg celcom gler skit bout billing..kwn i pun penah kne cam u.

  2. Just switch to MAXIS la kalau camni.. what if it happens again?

  3. Huhu~ but then Maxis kat subang galaxy takde line.. camane tuh?? hurm~

  4. huik!.. byak beza tuh.. celcom skrang nih bkn billing ajer prblm , bband dia pun giler jgk..


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