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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clarins Hydraquench Range..

I'm one of the Clarins loyal customers (almost 6 years already using this product), dun have any intention to change to other skin care products.. It suits me well, and i dun even bother to try other than Clarins.. However, I've been thinking to change to Hydraquench range as i've been using its White Plus range for quite some time, almost 3 years i think.. So, it is time..

White Plus Range
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Have any of you been using this Hydraquench product range? I love to know whether the products are good for my dry skin.. I'm so damn lazy to drink plain water.. I know i should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and even more coz i'm fully breastfeeding my baby.. So, I need to replace all the fluids inside my body by drinking lots and lots of plain water!! (need to stress that out to remind myself..haha)..

Oh btw, i'm using this Thirst Quenching Hydra-Care Mask.. I love it coz I can feel the difference immediately after using it.. But then I didn't manage to do it once a week coz dun have so much time to do so.. :(

Thirst Quenching Hydra-Care Mask

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Maybe i should try this Hydraquench Cream first, as it can be used for both day and night.. So, no need for me to buy 2 different creams.. Hehe..

Hydraquench Cream

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p/s: Need to buy eye products also to reduce my dark circles.. :(


  1. Haaa.. nanti klau pegi OU on 18th ckp la kay.. wanna know the price first.. :D

  2. Mmg akan pegi.. banyak barang2 cosmetic perlu di beli nih.. for both me & zaino :D


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