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Saturday, August 29, 2009

My New Toy

It is not actually Arsyad's new toy.. hehe.. selalu beli tuk Arsyad je kan, so mama la plak wanna have a new toy.. :) i've never thought that i'll get this new toy NOW coz i still can use the old one.. but then, hubby wanna give me a present, so, why not?? I always dream to have a MacBook.. even i told him if i wanna buy a new lappy, i'll buy a MacBook..  

So, here it is my new MacBook Pro.. hehe.. i love it sooo much.. eventho i'm not pro enuf using it.. haha.. thanks hubby for the lappy.. love u love u love u sooooo much~ (tak dpt MacBook Pro pon i still love u baby..mmmuuuaaahhhss~)

And, this is my old lappy, Dell Inspiron 510M.. eventho it looks old, but i still love using it.. i've already using it for almost 5 years i guess, since i was studying in UTP.. i'll bring my old lappy everywhere i go as it is small compared to my MacBook Pro.. maybe~ hahaha.. 

Need to buy a new cover for my lappy.. hurm~


  1. welcome to MacBookPro club sis!!! tunjuk sket kat Abg kasik jeles!! haahahhahahahaha...nak beli coach cover ke ;) ada kaler pink tauuuuu...

  2. nk beli cover yg melekat kat laptop tu,baru tak nk jugak beli sleeve coach tu..lawa ke kaler pink?

  3. wow weee!!!! Apple...Hmmm..nak jugak...alwiz dreaming of it...tapi blm dpt lagik...hehehehehe...


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