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Monday, August 17, 2009

My Baby My Love My Precious..

My 7 months old baby is so attached to me.. he cries when i leave the room and even cries sometimes when i just walked a few feet away from him.. yeah i stay at home with him 24-7, but with this kind of behavior, it makes me impossible to get anything done.. even sometimes, i can't prepare anything for lunch.. just grab some biscuits or bread (camane mama tak kurus?? iiskk2) and of coz call McD delivery.. but then, we can't eat fast food everyday rite?? soo not healthy..

I know my baby is at the age for the beginning of separation anxiety.. it's natural for him to want to be super glued to my side since i'm the one he spends the majority of his time with.. so what did i do to gently ease him towards more independence?? of coz not by scolding at him.. sometimes geram jugak, but then what to do.. he's still a baby, still learning and the most important thing is he wanna feel safe and secured.. and where he can get all of that?? of coz, thru his parents, the one that he can rely on, all the time.. :)

I didn't push him away everytime he cries.. if not, the harder i push, the more he'll cling.. if i want him to begin to play by himself, i'll start by having him on my lap or sit beside him and engage him in a toy or activity.. then, i move myself away, just a few inches and sit quietly and watch him playing.. if he seems comfortable, then i move myself a bit further away.. i'll return to his side if he shows any sign of anxiety.. eventually, i'll be able to move an entire room away for brief periods!!

his favorite toy now.. the Ikea colorful cups..
And, when i move away from him, i keep on doing voice contact by singing or talking so that he knows i'm still there, not completely disappeared.. sometimes i've tried to slip away from my baby when he's not looking..hehe..cruel mama!! but then the sneak away technique doesn't work for me.. it might give me a few minutes, but when he realizes that i'm gone he'll be very upset and cry out loud!!

But sometimes when i wanna do my laundry or prepare my lunch, i'll put him in his bumbo in front of me.. he'll watch me doing all the houseworks and sometimes wanna help me too.. haha.. of coz helping me by doing all the mess.. it's ok baby.. u can help me when u're big enuf.. hehe..

Love u baby.. mmmuuuaahhhhsss~


  1. same goes here. tapi yg ni dgn daddynya pun tak nak. dia jinak2 merpati, senyum2 tapi bila daddy ambik terus nangis pandang mama. Dulu si kakak, bila daddy balik keje je i terus pass kt daddynya,tukar shift. Myra... like u said 24-7 dgn dia. Cobaan...

  2. bestnya kalau tak sempat makan dan kurus, yang mama irfan ni tak sempat nak grab lunch tapi still gumuk jugak huwaaaaaaaa

  3. Myrabella: hehe.. sabar je la kan akak.. :)

    Drama Mama: kurus sgt mslh nye ni.. hehe


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