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Friday, August 21, 2009

Me Time..

My baby is so happy, not cranky at all.. even he woke up quite late today.. so, i've a chance to pamper myself.. :) i used to have a long shower, scrubbing my body and face once a week.. but then, it is quite some time i didn't do all that.. i still scrub my face once a week, but my body?? naadaaa!! i dun have so much time to do all that, my baby will cry if i left him alone even for 5 minutes.. so how i'm gonna have time to have my looooonnngg shower???

So today, i've my very loooonnngggg shower ever.. hehe. best2.. shampoo my hair, scrub my body and face.. i love it.. it feels so fresh n relax with all the smells.. after scrubbing, i used this Crabtree & Evelyn In Shower Moisturizer.. it will makes ur skin feel smooth and soft.. it is good to have this if you dun have time to apply on the lotion or the body cream after shower..

Thanks baby for giving me my "Me Time".. :)


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