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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nikonian Academy

Saw the logo of the store at The Strand, Kota Damansara last nite, then i've google about this academy.. it is very interesting.. and the name is catchy too.. hehe.. of coz when u read the name, it focuses and caters exclusively to Nikon camera users.. huh~ so bad i'm not one of them..

It is good for u who just bought urself a new digital camera.. u'll learn a lot about the features and setting on ur Nikon camera, no need for u to go thru all the manuals (like i did for my EOS).. after some exposure of the basic setting, how to shoot manual mode effectively, then u can test ur camera and try out the newly learned skill..

This Nikonian Academy provides a lot of classess every weekend from the beginner to pro quality training.. and all students who complete their training thru this academy will receive official certification.. so guys~ join their Basic to Intermediate class this weekend.. check out for the details at Nikonian Academy official website..

p/s: takde ke org nk bukak Canon-ian Academy?? hahaha..


  1. meh nak bukak!! kat seri utama ye... dia punye fees senang aje.. DSLR sebijik!! huhuhuhu

  2. haha..dakpe aaa..trime kasih je aa..mahal bebenor nk DSLR sebijik :P


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