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Monday, August 10, 2009

Puzzle Mat

As Arsyad is actively crawling now, so we bought him Eva Puzzle Mat.. it is safer for him to crawl and roll over on that mat.. however, i still can't leave him alone, need to watch him closely.. if not, he'll crawl near to the tele and crawl until he can touch his favorite, the dvd player and astro decoder..

Eventho he has the mat now, but he still love to sit on his bumbo and rocker.. it is sooo worth it to buy those 2 items.. it is not just easy for me to leave him while i'm cooking, doing my laundry, having my shower or solat, but he also enjoys watching tele on the bumbo or rocker..

so, here he is playing on his new puzzle mat :)

he loves to scratch the mat..hehe
p/s: it is so hard for me to snap his pic now.. he'll always crawl towards me to get the camera.. haaiisshh..


  1. cantiknya mat ni, very colourful and bright, mind sharing where you got it from?

    btw, esok dah besar sikit mesti dia korek semua keluar like my son, time tu kena rajin monitor coz takut dia masuk mulut. my son memang suka korek kluar the small parts chew on those mat :-D

    btw, nice blog! :-D

  2. i beli kat myBBstore, they've got sale now i think.. baby mmg suke masuk semua benda dlm mulut..need to watch them carefully.. hehe


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