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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Baby In CD

Finally, i managed to buy 4 cloth diapers (CD) to Arsyad, and i've been using it for almost 2 weeks now.. but still it is not enuf for me to rotate the CDs everyday.. will buy more after this.. i always thought that using CD will be complicated especially when baby poops.. but, after using it what i can say is, it is just as easy as using the disposable diaper (DD).. maybe u will feel so much work to be done everytime u change the CD, but u'll get use to it once u've already master the routine.. just think that when we first time having a baby, it is not easy for us as well to stay up at night to breastfeed our baby or change their diaper.. so, same goes here..

cute kan?? this is not Arsyad of coz..
didn't manage to snap his pic in his CD yet :P

There are many reasons why i've decided to use CD.. It's good for the environment and good for our wallet as well.. so far, i'm just using only 1 DD per day, or maximum 2 if my baby poops.. And, it's so much fun to wrap my baby in soft cloth, it's like a pillow for his bottom!! Years back, our parents also using the CD, not the DD.. yeah it is bcoz at that time the DD is so expensive.. but, it is good as it doesn't has the chemical that can effect the baby on the long-term.. parents nowadays (including me :P) are using the DD as it is easy and convenient for all the moms.. InsyaAllah after this i'll fully cloth diapering my baby.. but, with the new modern CD that we have nowadays, i think there is no reason for us not using the CD for our baby rite?? yes the CD is expensive in a short-term.. the cost is around RM50 - RM55 per piece (that's the cheapest).. depends on which type of CD, either prefold, pocket diaper, AIO and lots more..  but, if we make a calculation for a year, the CD is much much cheaper and we can save a lot of money as we'll using it over and over again, even for our next baby.. :)

I'm using the pocket diaper first, as it is very easy for me, just like using the DD.. it is actually so many types of CD, i can't decided which one to buy first, so to be on the safe side, i just bought the one size pocket diaper.. so guys~ what are u waiting for?? go and get ur CD now.. it is so cute to see our baby in so many types of pattern CD.. :) if u start looking all the pattern CD, u'll go crazy like me.. haha.. feel like wanna buy all.. haha..

p/s: my advice, if u've decided to use CD, make sure ur hubby agreed as well.. as both of us will wash our baby's poops rite.. so, he must agreed and willingly to wash all the CD as well.. hehe


  1. wow what a cute CD... where to buy it? if my baby baru 3months blh ke pakai?ade saiz ke u?

  2. ader.. from newborn pon ade.. ade jenis yg size S, M, L.. but i pakai one-size diaper..kirenye u bley pakai smpai baby potty train laa.. senang coz ade button yg bley adjust ikut size baby.. u bley beli kat, and byk lg.. lupe dh link.. check that out first kay..


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