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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Playdate?? hehe.. it was not actually a playdate.. my sis, Jem took an EL as Arissa was sick.. so, she came to our house, had lunch together and Arsyad was enjoying play with Arissa.. hehe..

Love to watch them playing together.. eventho we didn't understand each words they say, but they seem like enjoying themselves communicate with each other, of coz with their own language.. hahaha

Arissa's asking Arsyad to sit in the bumbo... trying her best to lift
up the bumbo on the mat..hehe
isn't she adorable? :)
all babies are cute, aren't they?? :D
"Come to my house again kay Arissa"..


  1. she is still cheeky eventho got cough n cold..:-) that's my love!


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