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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More and More Great News!!

I'm so happy today and extremely happy tonite.. hehe.. this evening, got a call from 1 beauty centre or to be exact slimming centre.. i've one of the lucky winners, receiving their 1 free slimming treatment worth RM180.. as far as i know, i've never joined any contest and.. slimming treatment?? can't u see that i'm super slim?? all i need is fat.. is there any treatment to make us fat?? hahaha.. i wish i can gain weight just by going thru all the treatments.. :P and i wish if the prize will be the spa treatment.. uhh!! i really2 need that!!

Then later this evening, hubby asked me whether wanna go berbuka puasa to the Palace of The Golden Horses this weekend.. huh~ he made me thinking for a while.. is there any special occasion that i forgot?? our anniversary?? that was last February.. my birthday?? celebrated at the hotel.. his birthday?? takkan hubby nak belanja plak kan?? n after all, his birthday is in December.. hahaha.. then he told me that he received a call from that hotel, inviting us to the Majlis Berbuka Puasa - for free of coz, Friday till Sunday.. so, we just need to set the date and they'll reserve a table for us.. hurm~ still thinking whether wanna go there or not coz the food is just so-so.. but, after a second thought, its free.. so why not?? then, we can go touring the hotel's room.. :) (still dun have the opportunity to sleep there yet..hurm~)

And, the one that makes me so damn excited is, when i heard something that i dream to have for quite some time - will be mine soon.. make sure u keep ur promise ya darling!! hahaha.. will update soon~~ :D


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