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Monday, August 10, 2009


wowweeee~~~~~~ no mood to update my blog.. no special occassion, no special activity, no more photoshoot here n there.. :( this is all bcoz of H1N1 (just an excuse..actually i'm so damn lazy to go out).. but still, with all the news about this H1N1 thing, with all the sudden death, felt so damn scared to go out as babies are easily affected and it is practically hit us like a time bomb.. Nauzubillah..

Btw, i've received this e-mail, forwarded by hubby.. this one Ustaz give a simple prescription to help cure H1N1, of coz kene redha n tawakkal pada Allah S.W.T and selawat 3x..

Eat minimum 6 green apples a day and fresh orange juice.. and for those with sore throat, blend the apples and keep on taking it till ur fever dissappear and the symptoms are gone.. some have done it, and Alhamdulillah it works.. with doa, usaha and tawakkal, InsyaAllah akan selamat..

YA ALLAH, lindungilah kami sekeluarga dan seluruh umat Islam.. Ameen~


  1. hopefully i still can eat oranges and green apples :( .. pray for me too


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