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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Ready..

It is so hard to get my lil Arsyad ready after shower.. he'll roll over here n there, try to grab something that makes me so difficult to put his nappy on.. ggggrrr!! now i know how to make him stay put.. just give him his toothbrush, the lotion bottle and the EMBB.. good boy~~

now, it is easy for me to get him ready.. just need to get everything (lotion, EMBB, shirt n pant and diaper) ready before i start the bath.. if i forget an item, i'll have to carry him with me.. sgt la tak larat coz he is so heavy nowadays.. i wonder how much weight he gains in this 2 months time.. last time was 7.6kg when he was 6 months old.. his next appointment is on 3rd Sept for his pneumococcal injection.. so afraid to go to the hospital now.. hurm~

my handsome lil boy :D


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