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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Little Stunt

It was noon.. we were in the living room - Arsyad was in his baby rocker and me on the other hand, was surfing the internet, blogging, facebook-ing and watching tele, just beside him.. :P my lil Arsyad was happily playing with his Dino (his Lamaze Dinosour toy), so i didn't bother to buckle him up.. i thought he would stay in the same exact position when i left him.. but sometimes he will sit and move his body forward to touch the button in front of his rocker.. i thought it would be okay just to let him like that and the most extreme stunt he would do is roll over a bit in his rocker.. after all, i was just a few inches away from him..

But boy i was wrong.. when i was busy stealing the crops in the Facebook, Barn Buddy application (kantoi..hahaha), i was shocked to see my baby standing, holding the rocker with his right hand, and the other one was touching my leg.. he just looked at me with a smile on his face.. it was so damn cute.. luckily i was there..

innocent face.. :D
where are u going Arsyad??dh penat berdiri, duduk plak.. suke hati nk duduk camane pon..
he loves to play with his Dino's tail
But this must never happen again!! i'll buckle u up baby whenever u're in the rocker even u're crying out loud.. huhu~ cruel mama!! but it's for ur own safety okay.. love u baby~


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