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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who Is This Cute Lil Girl??

Before i proceed with our Raya stories, just wanna share a bit, our short photoshoot at my sista's house last evening.. Arissa was having fun walking and watching her neighbours playing outside.. So, i grabbed the camera and captured the moments she was enjoying her evening with her mama.. It was so easy to snap this cute lil girl's picture.. just click the camera and she'll smile with her own style.. :) 

I've really enjoyed taking her pictures.. hopefully we can do it again kay sis , with her big bro n sis skali.. huhu~ 


  1. hahaha.. nk jugak ke?? upahnye air kopi panas n sardin swiss roll..hahaha

  2. bisa di atur donk.. bukan susah pon nak buat.. pejam mata je.. huhuhuhu

  3. btw comel sungguh dress arissa ;-)ha, kalau dah kira ke tahap pro tu, family dgn heroes 3 boleh jugak ah ;-) kat Tropicana swimming pool & playgrd ke ;-)


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