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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If You Happy And You Know It...

Arsyad loves watching Barney & Frens show.. He'll clap his hands when Barney sang a song.. And sometimes dancing with his own style.. hehe.. I really enjoy watching him clapping, dancing and sounds like he is singing along.. :)

Khusyu' btol tgk Barney..
He is so active nowadays.. He loves to play anything as long as it is not his toys, loves to put everything in his mouth and loves to talk too.. byk mulut anak mama ni.. hehe.. Everytime he discovers something new, either he makes a new sound from 2 things in his hands or new sound come out from his mouth, he'll laugh out loud.. haha.. he thinks that it is so damn funny.. and he'll do it again and again sampai bosan..

tembamnye pipi!!
dancing up & down..
if u happy and u know it,
clap ur hand..

tgh2 clap, look at his both hands..
haha.. so cute~
He loves to explore new thing, not afraid at all.. Now he can stand up without support, but then still can't make a step.. And he can climb up the stairs, of coz with our supervision.. We still need to stay behind him, afraid if he missed one step.. And the thing that i love the most is when he wants his precious milk, he'll say mamamamama.. hehe.. :D

Dh abes tgk Barney, belasah Barney cukup2..haha

How time flies~ my baby is growing up so fast.. after this he can walk, and then run till we can't chase him.. haha.. oohh~ i really miss the time when he is still small, tiny lil baby.. love u baby :)


  1. Syukur Alhamdulillah, anak2 kita membesar dgn normal...Myra pun sejak pandai berjalan ni, tak reti dok diam. Asyik nak meronda aje...~Mama Myra~

  2. Alhamdulillah.. bagus la nk meronda je, explore new things.. hehe.. tp kita la yg penat nk kejar.. :)

  3. damia pon suka barney~~~ hihihi... arsyad dah besar la kan.. so smart

  4. hehe.. kids mmg suke tgk barney kot.. next week arsyad masuk 10 months.. tunggu la damia besar sikit, tak larat la nk kejar.. hehe


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