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Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Day Raya - Part 2

1st day raya, we managed to cover 11 houses, 4 on my hubby's side and another 7 on my side.. huh~ mmg beraya smpai ke mlm la.. and perut pon penuh ngan mknan2 yg best!! nasi dagang, nasi minyak, nasi bukhori, laksa Terengganu at my PIL's, lontong, satay & nasi impit and lots more.. 

Oh~ arsyad got lots of duit raya too.. hehe.. eventho he doesn't know to appreciate it yet, but he loves to play with the angpow.. gigit2 sampai koyak.. hahaha.. nothing much to story except mkn2 la kan.. so enjoy the photos~

My bros, sistas, in-laws, nieces & nephews

Arsyad & cousins
Arsyad & Cu Na
Not so much photos in my camera.. didn't manage to copy from my bro's.. wait for 2nd Day Raya entry.. :D


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