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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My 9 Months Old Baby

Went to my hubby's aunt's house at Gombak.. Arsyad really enjoyed himself as he can crawl everywhere he wants.. I managed to capture his cute lil face, playing around all by himself.. hehe..

steady jek.. few seconds after that,
trus terhantuk dinding tuh..huhu~

playing wif his key teether..

bite bite and bite!!

posed for mama..

watching tele dari jauh..

say something to mama..dunno what..

mama ni?? tak paham ke??
He knows how to clap, understand simple instructions like "come here", "clap clap", "no no" and "bye bye".. he is now able to stand without support for few seconds.. hehe.. he even dun realize that he is already stand up without holding anything, and sometimes clapping while standing.. :) and, he is really an active boy.. crawling here and there, panjat sana sini, helping me by sepah2kan all the toys and sometimes wanna help me cooking.. hehe.. eventho i'll be so damn tired chasing him around the house, but i really enjoy watching him doing all that kind of stuff, with his cute lil face, laughing and giggling.. :D

amazed looking at the tiles, as he saw his face..

so damn excited dpt merangkak sana sini..

taktau apa yg dia bebel..

asal pegang telinga Arsyad?? azan eh??

something caught his attention..
p/s: It is a very nice house Cik Pah.. really love the simple design and deco especially ur dry kitchen.. hehe..


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