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Monday, October 26, 2009

Home Progress..

I'm so damn excited everytime we went to our house to see the progress.. The developer already repaired the defects eventho there are still few more.. My hubby already scolded them a bit coz they didn't look at our defect list properly.. InsyaAllah our contractor can start all the renovations within this week.. And hopefully by this weekend i can see some progress and something different in our new house..

For our kitchen cabinet, we thought that we already finalized which one we will hire.. but then, after surveying few more designers, we already confused.. It is not bcoz of the price, but then bcoz of the material that they were talking about.. Different manufacturer called the material that we want with a different names.. Some said that it is not good, it will not last forever and some said otherwise.. The price of coz is so much different compared to Kian Classic that we booked earlier on.. So how?? I dh pening pk pasal kitchen cabinet nih.. I'm so damn afraid if the one that i want is not the same with what they are talking about.. Hopefully they can understand and can visualize every single thing that we're talking about.. InsyaAllah, by this week we can finalized the kitchen cabinet thing.. sigh~

For fans and lights, hurm~ so far we just did the survey at Subang and Kota Damansara.. Still didn't manage to go to Puchong.. Will do it this weekend.. If it is cheaper there, then we'll buy all the fans and lights trus.. byk tu nk angkut.. huhu~ Specifically i want the Alpha fan at our living and dining, coz it has a modern design that i love so much.. But then, it is quite expensive compared to other brands.. Hopefully, i can get those fans kay sayang?? hehe.. :P For our master bedroom, hubby insists to have 5 blades fan.. Maybe we can just buy a cheaper brand like Euro Uno.. and for other 3 rooms and family area, just the 4 blades fan.. Any brand is ok for me, as long as it is nice and have a good warranty.. :) For the lights, we just use downlights and one or two wall lights.. so tak payah pening2 nk pk which design to buy.. as long as it is simple and cheap.. haha.. sape tak mau murah kan?? :P

For the grill and plaster ceiling, we've already finalized it.. We don't want the wrought iron grill coz the design is so classy and quite dark.. As we opt to a modern style, so we just use the simple horizontal one, urm~ maybe a bit different.. hehe.. Just wait and see.. :P While for the plaster ceiling, we choose the simplest design, takde kerawang2 dekat tgh tu, just simple and plain.. But then, the simplest one tu la yg the expensive one.. hahaha..

Enuf for now.. Just a sneak preview of our home sweet home.. :)

Gambar depan je la.. dlm tunggu siap la..hehe


  1. salam jue...

    if u decided with the kian classic, just monitor their work la kot. a friend of mine hired them but regreted after that sbb tak puas hati with the end products..

    enjoy :)

  2. ye ke?? hurm~ risau gak nih.. will do insyaAllah.. thanks hajar.. :)

  3. wah!! xsabar nk tgk deko dlm tu... hihi... ktne eh ur house nih?

  4. kat subang galaxy fiza.. i pon tak sabar.. haha

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