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Sunday, October 4, 2009


We went to the HOMEDEC at KLCC again, coz yesterday we just managed to go to the quarter of the exhibition i think.. and we also need some time to compare all the kitchen cabinet quotations, the pros and cons, within the budget or not, and of coz the most important thing is, it will last forever!! as ours is an open kitchen, so we need to design it properly.. dun have extra budget to do the separator between kitchen and dining hall, so modern style kitchen cabinet is our choice.. i thought i'm the one who is so choosy, but then way i was wrong!! hubby is quite a selective person jugak okay.. hehe.. of coz la.. we just did it once, so must decide wisely kan.. :D

After a looongg thought, we won't choose any wood materials for our kitchen cabinet.. eventho some of the wood materials are cheaper than the high gloss, arcylic, spray paint, mirror shine and etc, but then in terms of easy to clean (the top priority criteria in choosing the materials as i'm the one who is going to clean up everything :P) and the scratch durability, i'll prefer other than woods.. unless u've 2 kitchens, wet and dry.. 

Just wanna share a bit about the HOMEDEC.. i dunno why people said that the price here in HOMEDEC exhibition is much much cheaper than outside.. but then, in terms of fan or light, i think it is just much the same or some of it even more expensive than outside.. so what is so special about this HOMEDEC?? hurm~ maybe it just give some advantage to us, where we can find everything in one place, instead of we need to go to Puchong, to Kajang, to Bangi, just to compare prices and get some quotations..

We did pay a bit for the booking of kitchen cabinet, hood and hob.. just to lock the price of HOMEDEC.. but then, if we find other places that can give us cheaper price, we will just do the wardrobe instead of kitchen cabinet.. hehe..  I'll story more about the price later on kay..

Btw, every weekend we have an appointment with the contractors, get some quotations and compare prices.. InsyaAllah, this weekend we'll see 3 contractors.. huh~ then will go buy the fans, lights, sink and tap.. waaaa~ so many things need to do and shop.. hopefully Arsyad will behave while both of us do the survey and shopping.. :)



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