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Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Tired Weekend..

So damn lazy to story, and even dun have any interesting story to share.. last weekend, as usual our routine activity, went to our house at Subang Galaxy to check whether the defects have been repaired or not.. and met few contractors for grill, kitchen cabinet and wardrobe.. Alhamdulillah, we've already decided which contractor to do the grill n plaster ceiling, and yet to decide for the kitchen cabinet and wardrobe.. the price is reasonable or i can say the cheapest we can get especially for the wiring and installation for all the fans and lights.. so, just wait and see whether their job is excellent or not.. then, i can post my new house picture once it has been done..

And, we managed to survey fans and lights's prices.. just went to the shops at our house area coz we were so damn tired to go somewhere else.. need to go to Puchong as many people said that the price is the cheapest there.. that'll be our activity for next weekend.. huhu~ need to buy 6 remote fans, 38 downlights, 2 wall lights, fluorescent lights, and 1 or 2 decorative lights.. agak2 how much tu habis.. waaaa~ botak kepala.. almost forgot the sink and tap.. hurm~

Enuff for now.. more updates tomorrow.. :)

p/s: just got 2 new cloth diaper (CD) for my lil one.. :)


  1. zulaikha, beli lampu sume tu.. im sure byk duit yg keluar..hua!!!


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