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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shawl For Sale!!

This is one of my own custom-made shawls. Actually I got few more designs, but all of them already sold out. So this is the only design left and only 2 pieces are available. I'm selling each for RM35 inclusive postage. Anyone interested do e-mail me at

Material: Cotton stretchable
Length: Approx. 1.75 metres
Easy to wear and so comfy. I only use 1 brooch to wear it and no pin at all.


  1. memang cantik, tapi akak tak reti pakai shawl..hehehehe

  2. same here dear fren, minat nk pkai tp mcm dok sesuai je..muke ku bulat hehehe :)

  3. mamasyaza: senang je akak nk pkai.. pin ngan brooch skali then belit je..tak smpai 1 minit dh siap..hehe

    fiza: klau muka bulat, pkai inner yg ade awning.. bley jgk so takde la melekat sgt ngan muka.. hehe

  4. buat laa tutorial for this style..berkenan :)


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