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Friday, October 14, 2011

My Big Boy..

My big boy is so demanding nowadays. Always want us to do what he wanted us to do. If he says he want that, then he'll make sure he'll get it. Usually papa is the one who always can't stand hearing him crying out loud, and just give him what he wants. So his trick will always be successful if papa is around, but not if just with me. Coz mama will just ignore his tantrum and told him once that he can't have that or can't do that. If he wants to cry or just lying on the floor (usually he will just do it at home), I'll just let him do that. And I'll hug him back after he stops crying. But, it really test my patience.

Lately, he just behave when we go out. He wants to sit back in his car seat and also stroller. Hubby and I was so relieved coz we don't have to carry him around anymore if he didn't want to walk by himself. Hopefully he will be like this forever. He also sleep on his own now, few months already actually. We put his bed just beside our bed, and everytime he wants to take a nap or want to go to sleep at night, he knows he has to sleep on his own bed. No need for us to ask him to do so. Once we switch off the lights, he'll immediately go on his bed and try to sleep on his own. 

The only thing that I wanted to do now is to potty train him. But I don't have a gut to try it yet. I just let him wear his cloth diaper during the day and he'll let me know once he feel uncomfortable. But he didn't want to tell me if he wants to poo-poo. Hmm~ maybe I should wait a little bit longer coz I can't do it alone right now. Hopefully he will be ready coz we want to send him to play school next year. 

I really hope he will love his brother and be nice to him. Hopefully he'll not be jealous towards his brother. And mama will try my best sayang to give my full attention to you too. I know it will be challenging coz he is so attach to me, and when he saw his lil bro always be by my side he'll feel strange. Hopefully everything will be fine. Ameen... :-)

Mama loves u so much sayang.. :-)


  1. gud luck dear fren! mcm my sis, when dpt second baby, anak yg first nanges when tgk baby n takot nk dekat..lame2 pastu br blh terima :) ur son sgt iras ur hubby lah!

  2. huh~ mintak2 arsyad tak nangis2..hehe..mmg muka arsyad duplicate muka papa dia pon.. hehe..


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