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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bedroom Ideas

We are thinking to buy a new bed frame and either wardrobe or chest of drawers to be installed in our third room. I love to have everything in white, so that the bedroom will look more spacious. All my bedroom's furniture are dark in color; the wardrobe, chest of drawers and bed frame. So, I want something different.

I love this Ikea's bed frame and chest of drawers. I just want these two things in the bedroom coz of the limited space. And, there's nothing much to be put in the drawers either. So, no need to buy a wardrobe. But, I doubt that I can make sure the bed frame will always clean from the dust. :P Whatever it is, I need to present the budget to Mr Financial Advisor first coz he is the one who will buy all those things. Haha. Hopefully he'll approve it and I can decorate the bed with all the queen bed sheets and quilt covers that I have. I can't wait!! :-)


  1. i luv da wardrobe!! how i wish kt trg ade ikea!!! :) sgt best kan decorate umah!!! :)

  2. best tu mmg best decorate umah.. ade fulus lg best!! mcm2 bley buat.. hehe.. now kene berpada2 la.. :D

  3. I totally agree with your words and it's great coincident because what you think about your bedroom, I think the same way. That's why I also prefer white bedroom furniture for my place and it's really make my place so peaceful and elegance as its features.


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