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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Over the years, I have had many happy moments. Celebrating Eidulfitri with family and friends, birthdays, my convocation, getting my first car, my first job, falling in love, being a wife to my lovely husband, my wedding, my honeymoon, and finding out I was pregnant with our first and second child. I'm sure there are other moments worth mentioning, but these are the milestones that stick out in my mind. There is one, however, that tops them all, hands down.

Up until I about to describe, the happiest moment in my life was finding out I was pregnant with my first and second child. Seeing the positive pregnancy test and being hit with the realization that we were really and truly going to have babies was such a mix of fear and elation, much like the high one might get from a roller coaster ride. We had planned it, we welcomed it with full of joy and tears.

Despite my bad morning sickness during my first 4 months of pregnancy, I would say I really enjoy each and every moment of it. We always looking forward for the monthly checkup to see our precious one in my tummy. How well and healthy he is growing up in my small tummy. And, how excited his big brother is when he was first time looking at the screen, and calling his lil brother, 'fish'. That was one of the funniest and spontaneous thing that came out from his mouth. 

Looking at my tummy that growing bigger and bigger every month makes me happy and smile. I just can't describe the feeling of thinking that there is a small creature living in my tummy. Everytime watching my lil baby during the scan, I know he is happy in my tummy, he is actively moving around and sometimes a bit shy to show his face. It makes me cry when I first saw my lil baby's face during the checkup.

Now I can't wait to see my lil baby to come out, and watch my two kids playing together happily. And I'm going to miss the feeling of my baby moving and kicking in my tummy. Sometimes it does feel a little bit uncomfortable, but this is the only moment that I always want to record and memorize for the rest of my life. Not everyone has a chance to experience this beautiful moment in their life, I'm glad I'm one of those lucky women who got a chance to go through this. :-)

Looking back at this picture makes me smile all the time. This is definitely one of the happiest moment in my life. I don't have a chance to take my maternity portrait during my first pregnancy. This time around I won't miss this very wonderful moment that I'll treasure for the rest of my life. 

Remember to always capture your sweet memories with happiness and make those moments last forever. Happy photography you guys~

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  1. Yani pon xbuat maternity portrait ni..dulu mcm bile dah lalui?mcm mls lak..huhu

    Peyot yani xsecomel perot akak..pusat yani sangat seksi!terjojol keluar..hihi

  2. ni tak plan pon nk amek maternity portrait ni.. hubby amek je ni pkai iphone.. hahahaha.. eh pusat k.jue pon sama jgk dlm gambo je dok nampok..hahaha


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