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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cloth Diapering Newborn

I'm still thinking whether want to start cloth diapering my baby immediately or wait till he is few months old like Arsyad. I really want to do it immediately but hubby said just wait until our baby is 3 or 4 months old. I know he wants me to take a good rest during my confinement as I have to take care of Arsyad too. And, newborn will always poop, so need a lot of CD to rotate it. But, looking at the cuteness of CD and thinking of we can save a lot from spending our money to buy the disposable ones, I really want to start once my baby is out.

Hmm~ So, should I start it now or not? I have to buy few more CDs coz Arsyad is still wearing his. Maybe I should try for the first few weeks and see whether I can cope with it or not. What say you mommies??


  1. ainul start 100% using CD when arreessa is 3month old.awal2 guna pampers biasa je.mula2 saya terus beli 20 CD. saya beli lunatots.quite pricey but worth it for long investment..

  2. time arsyad dulu i mmg pkai kan masa 3 months old camtu.. now rase mcm nk start from newborn tp kene tambah collection dh.. hehe..

  3. Tgk corak CD mmg comel..geram yani dansuami kurang bersedia lagi la..hihi

    Gud luck kak jue..

  4. comel kan.. geram jgk tgk.. awal2 yani takyah lg, get use ade baby dulu.. hehe.. k.jue dulu pon mase arsyad takde la start trus.. hehe.. nk pkai CD kat baby, husband pon kene bekerja keras skali ok.. hehe

  5. Baby saya 18 hari pon pkai pampers biasa lagi... x nak sshkan mak asek cuci CD kotor... nnt dh sihat nk start try =p wish me luck!


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