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Friday, March 11, 2011

What Is With This Lego Thing??

Last weekend, we went to Mid Valley for the PC Fair for tv hunting. We thought the fair will be just the same like at KLCC's one, but we were wrong. There were only few brands of televisyen there, Panasonic, Toshiba and Samsung. And only few got a great promo. But, at the end of the day we didn't buy anything. I don't like to shop at Mid Valley anymore coz there were so many people and you can hardly feel the air-cond. And then Arsyad will be cranky and started to cry. 

So, the best option is, just go to the The Gardens and you can feel the difference right away. I can push the stroller without have to say excuse me and Arsyad can freely running if he wants to. We just went to the kids' area at the Robinsons. Arsyad was having fun playing lego there. He was the only one playing, so he didn't bother if I wasn't there with him. Hey~ papa was having fun too. They both playing together quite a while till I said "Ok guys~ it's time to go home. You can play with the megablocks at home after this". Haha. 

I love watching them playing together. Arsyad was building a tower, and papa was  doing his jet fighter. Once papa finished, Arsyad will play with the jet, running and pretending he was flying the jet, then he will destroy it. And papa has to do it all over again. Haha. I can't find the lego's table at the rack. It surely cost hundreds but it is good for kids playing this block and lego thingy right? It helps to develop kids' creativity and good for their motor skills too. Later on we just go to The Gardens if we don't have any places to go. Hehe.


  1. hehe.. sonok tgk arsyad main lego ngan papa die kann..?? comel!


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