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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Matta Fair 2011 Review

We went to the Matta Fair this evening, just want to see whether is there any good deal for us. We don't have any idea where to have our vacation. Most probably within Malaysia only, but we did survey a few packages for traveling abroad. As we went there around 5pm, so as expected there were full of crowds already. We had to park our car at The Mall and walk across the street to go to the fair. And, the fee is RM3 per person for adult and children below 12 are free of charge.

There were so many packages and great deal. We even didn't manage to go to all booths. But, the one that I interested the most is traveling to Hong Kong by Reliance coz the package includes ticket to Disneyland and also we can have 1 night stay in Disneyland Hotel itself. And for 5days/4nights traveling, it costs us around RM28++ per person for adult and RM25++ for children. That inclusive of airplane ticket with Malaysia Airlines, breakfast and lunch for certain days and a trip to Shenzen, China. Is it cheap? Arsyad will be the happiest person if we can go to Disneyland. Hehe.

And for local one, I love to go to Langkawi and the great deal so far was RM380 for 3days/2nights stay at Aseania Resorts, Langkawi and one rental car. This is for the accommodation only. Is it a great deal? Coz others were all RM4++ for this hotel. We didn't pay any deposit yet, just want to see the price first. 

Btw, there are other exhibitions as well besides this MATTA FAIR. The one that I realized was cameras, so for those who are looking a new DSLR or new lense, you might consider to go there. I don't know about the price coz we didn't manage to go inside the hall. There also women's section, slimming centre, skin care and few more.

I don't know whether it is worth it for you to go or not. But for those who are really looking forward to have a vacation with your family, you might consider to go and grab a great deal. :-)


  1. Your article really made me stop and think this matter. Not only was it well conceived but very enlightening as well. I have added your website to my link roll and will be back to read future posts.


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