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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NEDA Scarves & Hijab

I love the hijab style shown by NEDA. The owner is my wedding photographer, Ayda. The hood and hijab are attached together, makes it easier and faster for you to wear it. And she uses the chiffon material for the scarves so that you can easily make a nice drape with it. You can accessorize it with anything, the one shown in the picture is earring. You can't show your earing if you wear hijab, but you can pin it at your hijab instead. How cool is that? I didn't try any of the hijab yet, but will get one soon. :-)

Hop on to her website to see other designs. :-)


  1. Salam Jue

    Thanks for this write up bout NEDA. K Ayda link this entry bley? and you are entitle for a 10% discount ;)

  2. only in kuantan not in kl???


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