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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TV Cabinet @ ATDT Design

Last week, hubby received a call from Kian Classic about our deposit last time. Yeah~ we still can use it and immediately I'm thinking of doing the tv or shoe cabinet. But, after asking the salesman how much for the 8 feet tv cabinet, just a simple board and drawers at the bottom, it costs us around RM3888. I was like huhh?? Really?? Then he said last time they have a promotion for the tv cabinet, only RM1300 for the 8 feet one. But now, I can get 32inch LCD tv for the price of RM3888. Even the tv is not that expensive nowadays. So, hubby just said to the salesman, wait till you have another promo then you call us again. Haha.

simple and nice. - google -

But we did a bit survey coz we really wanna do the tv cabinet at our living hall. It's a bit dull and spacious now. And, I'm quite bored sometimes when I want to do my house chores downstairs. Arsyad will happy too coz he can watch his show everytime I cook. We went to CLS Kitchen and it costs us around RM3500 for 10 feet one. Then, hubby called the ATDT Design, the showroom just in front of our house area, that's why we know this company. The owner is malay and he said for the 8 feet one, it will cost us around RM1300. Wow!! I'll definitely do with this one. Haha. 

Modern design.. nice too.. - google -

So, we went to the showroom and show which design that we want. Now, we have to wait for him to come and measure the cabinet. And, hopefully the price will not that expensive coz we want a bit design on it. Btw, I did ask about the kitchen cabinet material too. The price is way cheaper than most of the kitchen cabinet suppliers that I know. For the local solid surface top, their price is around RM60 to RM70 per square feet. That is actually quite cheap coz usually other places charge around RM150 to RM180 per square feet. Can you see how much is the difference?? And they also can do mirrors with any frame that you want. Huhu~ I'll make one too, if the price is cheap. Hehe. Can't wait to get the quotation and I'll definitely share with you guys.


  1. bestnye baca cerita2 org nk hias2 rumah & buat cabinet dapur n so on.....

    sbb rumah i kat shah alam tu terpaksa kena sewa since we're in dubai right now... uhuk uhuuk... sedih!

    nways, good luck with ur tv cabinet. nanti buh la gamba bila dah siap :)

  2. huh mahalnya...patut la tgk dlm magazine, utk khidmat interior designer dah mkn belanja puluh2 ribu,,rupa2 nya mmg satu2 perabot tu mhl ek...huh..

  3. syiqim: nnti u dh balik hias la umah u cantik2, n for sure lg dahsyat u buat nnti.. mane tau nnti beli umah lg besar kan? nnti dh siap i letak gambar.. hehe

    mamashikin: mahal kan?? mmg klau custom akan mahal.. klau upah interior designer lg la mahal, sbb dieorg pon outsource jgk kdg2.. hehe

  4. we're thinking of doing TV cabinet gak..tapi still tengah kumpul duit. hahaha

  5. Cool! I like the design! It is just simple and nice but yet it is so attractive. I love it.


  6. salam...sila-sila kan masuk laman web kami untuk melihat harga dan maklumat tentang atdt design




  7. Hie,im Germaine and im a ID too.I think the RM 150 local solid surface is per Ft run not sf sweetie.If he sell you RM 70/sf is the normal market price..

    You can gv me a call if u wanna know more.^^
    014-716 9830


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