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Thursday, March 10, 2011

GEOX Sale : March 11 - 13 2011

To all GEOX lovers, there will be a GEOX sale up to 50% from 11 to 13th March 2011. And for those who has GEOX Card, you can go on 10th of March for a preview sale at GEOX shops. Don't forget to bring your card though for identification, or else you won't able to get in.

For those who never tried GEOX, you should try one. It is so comfy and the design is quite nice too. Now I don't know which one to go, the MATTA Fair or this GEOX sale. Both need a lot of money. Hehe. I hope I can go both. Pretty plzzz hubby... Love u.. Mmmuuuaahhh2.. Hahaha..


  1. The boys smua ada GEOX including the Daddy.. Mummy je takde.. i think Zafran's shoes collection dah sama banyak ngan Mummy..hahahahah

  2. Mummy takyah GEOX.. dh byk shoe lain.. haha

  3. wahhh..i love geox...kena p tengok nih...tapi, jauh2 la sume...lau dekat2 umah ok gak..huhuhuh


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