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Monday, March 7, 2011

Skin Issue!!

I've had a really bad skin once in a month. You know when ladies. I don't know why coz a long time ago it doesn't affect my skin at all. But after I stop taking Noriday pills, about a year ago I think, all these pimples keep on coming out once in a month. And mind you, the one that come out is a big big one, not a small tiny one.

It makes me stress looking at my face. But syukur Alhamdulillah the pimples will come and go. I just have to be patience waiting for the pimples to go away. I didn't use any new products on my face, I just use the same one for almost 7 years now I think. And I really take a good care of my skin nowadays. I will use a scrub and mask, once a week. And I drink a lot of plain water. But still it doesn't help at all!!

I'm thinking of to try this Monavie or Berry Gen's drink. I read a lot of good reviews about them. It is good for skin and give us energy too. Is it right?? I have to do something to my skin. I can't keep on cover it up with makeup coz I hate to put on heavy makeup. Aaaaarrrggghhhh!! HELP!!!


  1. Salam, jika ada kesempatan, jemputlah melawat web ni. tentang sejenis juice yg lebih tinggi anti oksidanya berbanding mana2 buah beri, even our own buah manggis,pls study on MAQUI JUICE. If nak beli direct runcit for your trial basis pun boleh, if nak order terus dari web pun boleh but if you want the cheapest price, join as a member. Good luck.


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