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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Baby Refuses to Eat.. Need Help Here Plz...

It has been a while I didn't update about my baby in here.. Alhamdulillah, he is now 15 months old, very active lil boy and always make me smile and sometimes make me goes wild and crazy, especially when he started to cry and threw his tantrum everytime he didn't get what he wants.. 

baring sambil tgk bob the builder..

closer picture.. duduk hujung2 katil tuh.. bahaya tol..

He can say a lot of words nowadays - dog, cat, tido (everytime nak sleep sebut tido and he'll say papa sleep bila nmpak papa atas katil..haha), nak, nanak (refers to tanak.. he will say it dgn geleng kepala skali..hehe..), bye bye instead of bye,  aney (refers to barney), baby (especially when he saw aryan and aidan), car and few more.. I can't remember already.. Owh~ yesterday when he wanted to climb up the stairs, he said two right after I said one.. Waaa~ He actually listened everytime I count when we climb up the stairs together.. hehe.. Good boy (He'll clap his hands everytime I said this in front of him..haha..paham2 je maksud good boy tu ape).. I'm so impressed with him coz he is just not knowing the words, but he actually understand and know when to use those words.. :-)

so serious~

Did I mention that my baby doesn't want to eat in any of my previous entries? He eats fries, mashed potato, nuggets, bread, cereals, biscuits and fruits, just in a small amount.. But not rice, porridge, chicken, fish and etc.. I dun know why, suddenly he doesn't want to eat those stuff.. I did change the menu, try everything that can make him feel happy to eat but nothing works.. Bagi mkn nasi mcm bg mkn ubat tau.. I didn't force him to eat tho coz I'm afraid if I did that, he'll not eat at all.. Then at night I'll be so restless coz he'll wake up to have his milk sometimes every 1/2 an hour.. Can u imagine that?? And the worse thing is, now he doesn't want my breast milk also.. I dun know why.. It happened for the last 2 days.. Everytime he woke up in the middle of the night, he'll drink it tho (maybe tak sedar), but not during the day.. I'm so damn worried right now!! I've tried to give him Pediasure as advised by his paeds, he just love it for the first few days, now he doesn't want it anymore.. I dun know what else I should do.. :-( He is still active and Alhamdulillah he is one healthy lil boy, but I'm worried if he doesn't get enuff nutrients for his growth..

t'garu-garu, mengantuk..

dh tak chubby dh anak mama :-(

Is it possible Arsyad nak tumbuh gigi lg? Coz sometimes he was crying out loud without a reason, like he was in pain.. I did give him pcm and later after that he was okay and slowly started to eat.. And now, he doesn't want his milk anymore.. It really makes me worried.. I just miss the moments, both of us lying on the bed and he hugs me, playing with my fingers while having his milk.. Now, suddenly he just doesn't want it anymore.. Usually, people have difficulties in weaning off their babies.. But not in my case.. I just feel that this is not the time yet!! Owh gosh!! Can someone help me in this?? If u have some tips or any experience on this, please share.. Really2 appreciate it.. :-( 

suke gigit jari je lately.. gatal gusi kot..

He just went to sleep all by himself.. He just wanted me to be at his side, tepuk2 a bit sambil berzikir then he'll fall asleep.. It is good but it makes me cry everytime I watch him sleeping.. He is such a big boy now.. I miss my lil boy so much.. :-(( Am I too emotional?? Aaaaa~ Sayang, I wish u're here right now, not working.. :-(


  1. dia nk tumbuh gg kot...tu yg tak nak susu..ada yg tak kena ngan gusi ke kan...

    budak mmg camtu..nk makan susah kdg2..normally dulu klu syahmi/sarah tak nak makan i kasi dia sup jek..slowly campurkan nasi..:D

    fast food ni kdg2 tak elokkan tuk tumbesaran budak :)

  2. i dh try kasik dia sup, pon dia tanak.. klau akak tgk camane reaction dia bila tgk nasi, sup, porridge sume tuh..huh~ kalah mkn ubat.. :-(

  3. hmm.. i pnh face situation mcm ni. adre xnk mkn lgsg pn. nasik apatah lagi.. mkn pn yg bukan² and obviously brt dia x naik² pn.

    time tu mmg dh mati akal xtau nk buat apa sb ingat dia sakit ke apa kn but then pegi check up dia okeh jek. then i bli vitamin lysin utk tmbh selera makan and susu pediasure. hehe.. tp effect mmg lmbt.. and after 2-3mths dia punya selera mak ai pnt i nk layan plak. hehe..

    tp kn i rasa mmg ada certain² time budak refuse to eat. maybe dia boring mkn benda yg sama or meragam nk besar ke but as long dia nk susu it's okeh jue. cuma dia nk susu kerap la sb lapar x mkn nasik.. :)

  4. agreed dgn yunz..jue boleh try vitamin c with lysine. tapi kan jue kadang2 budak2 ni die nak makan bile ada geng tau..kalu sorang xde selera..hahahaha


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