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Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Fine Day..

Hubby is on his 3rd day off today.. Tomorrow is his last day off, then here we go again - arrived at home around 8pm, had dinner together and off to sleep, woke up early the next morning.. Usually we didn't go anywhere on his working day, just spent time together at home or at least went to my sisters' house..

Same for today.. I dun have any mood to go out, not just bcoz of the weather but I dun have enuff rest these few days.. Arsyad was a bit cranky lately and he always stayed up late.. Sometimes he is still wide awake till 2 or 3 am in the morning.. And, he will ask for his milk more often as he didn't eat much.. I'm so damn tired and didn't get enuff sleep especially when hubby is not around.. It was so hard to handle him at night alone especially when he started to cry out loud without a reason..

Like now, Arsyad is still playing outside all by himself.. When I asked him "Nak tido tak?", he answered "Nanak" sambil geleng2kan kepala.. Kejap mintak Thomas cup, kejap mintak biscuit, kejap nak read books.. Haaiiisshh~ dun know when he wanna sleep..

By the way, we went to The Curve and Ikano this evening.. Actually we dun have any plan, just went out and finally decided to go to Ikano.. There were SALE everywhere, Aussino, Macy and Harvey Norman.. We went to Aussino's sale earlier and bought our king bed fitted sheet and the quilt.. I love some of the sofas at Harvey Norman but then the price was still expensive eventho it was 50% off.. Huh~ maybe later.. haha..

Arsyad was really enjoying himself everytime we went out.. Maybe he knows a lot of things now.. He will point his finger to anything that he knew - car, cat, Thomas, Jay Jay the Jetplane, lights and many more.. He was such a good boy, seating in his stroller and just enjoy his ride.. Not like before, we were struggling to put him in the stroller and at the end, hubby has to dukung him all the way..

We went to our sista's house before went back home.. Arsyad was happily playing with all the toys and mama took the opportunity to do a simple facial.. haha.. So relaxing.. :D

-The End-


  1. i don't know that harvey norman is having sale now...bole tgk my leather ottoman kut2 ada disc! by the way...kalau nak buat simple facial boleh singgah lagi di rumah no 2A...feel free hahaha!

  2. kenwooi: yup, really cute :D

    jem: aah harvey norman ade sale.. tak buat facial pon mmg akan singgah selalu umah 2A tu.. haha


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