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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Elyza's Curtain Review

I love to write reviews lately.. haha.. I just wanna share with all of you, hopefully it can be a useful information.. :-)

We did our curtain at Elyza's curtain at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.. It is a big name in curtain industry right? We did our survey at Beverly Hills, Crystalace, Baagus, Master Home and few more.. It was hard to find the one that we want - abstract design, simple, thick and heavy cloth and the most important one, cheap and affordable.. hehe.. Between those that we survey, I just love the one in Elyza and Master Home.. Finally we chose Elyza coz it is way cheaper than others..

There was only one problem that I faced with this Elyza's curtain - there was only 1 staff who handles everything.. She was the only one who did the sales part, the only one who need to go to the site to do the measurement, the only one who has to bring the cloth to the tailor and she also has to come over during the installation.. So, when there were hundreds customers within a week or even a month, she tends to forgot and messed up with the cloth, the hook and hard for her to schedule the installation date..

After confirming our cloth and paid the deposit, we've been waiting for about 3 weeks I think for the curtain to be installed.. And during the day of installation, the van was had an accident.. They don't have other transport so we need to wait a few more days.. 2 days later, Alhamdulillah the curtains were successfully installed except the one at the living hall coz the material was not available at that time and I insisted to just wait till the end of the month.. I was satisfied with everything except that they didn't put the higher hook for my master bedroom's curtain and the tiebacks were supposed to be velcro, but then they forgot to do that.. They promised to change the hook and bring me back the tiebacks when they came for the living hall's curtain installation..

As promised, they came over at the end of the month to install the curtain, change the hook, and again, that made me pissed off, they forgot the tiebacks, 2 at the living hall and another 2 at the master bedroom.. She promised me to give it back to me 3 days later, but then I've to wait for about more than a week to get those tiebacks back.. It is just a simple thing to do.. I dun know why it took them that long to do that.. And supposedly they come over to my house and send it to me rather than asking me to go to their office and pick it up on my own.. I didn't want to spoil my mood at that time, so I just let my hubby did the part of calling and scolding.. hahaha.. She gave us so many excuses, which made me more and more pissed off..

The workmanship is very good.. The installer did a very good job.. They even put something on the floor everytime they wanna drill.. I think maybe it was just the one in Kota Damansara, other branches might be good.. hehe.. Happy reviewing then~ :D


  1. really nice curtains.. hope to get a nice one one day =)

  2. thanks kenwooi.. U'll have it some day.. :)

  3. nice ones! but bad customer service again. hehe

  4. wahhh... cantek la curtain ngan grill tu:) suke!!

  5. Salam,

    Nice blog. Keep it up. If you do not mind, could you kindly share how much is the Ellyza curtain service, kitchen cabinet etc? It would help me budget my house renovation.


  6. Hi Rina.. Can u email me at

    Thanks :)

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  8. Take time to choose the best curtain treatment for your home. The right choice will not only enhance the windows but turn an ordinary room into a really special place.

  9. In Elyzas the workmanship is very good.. The installer did a very good job.. They even put something on the floor every time they wanna drill.. I think maybe it was just the one in Kota Damansara

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