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Thursday, April 8, 2010

SCI Kitchen Review

I just wanna share with all of you out there - especially for those who are looking the place to do your very own kitchen cabinet and wardrobe, about my experience dealing with this SCI Cabinet Industry Sdn Bhd.. Before I start, just a little bit info about this company.. Basically they have 6 showrooms; Damansara Utama (Uptown), Shah Alam, Subang, Cheras, Puchong and Bangi is the new one.. And I did mine at Damansara Utama (Uptown)..

I went to 2 of their showrooms, Damansara Uptown and Shah Alam.. And it was surprising coz the price was different.. We did ask the same material, same design and we gave them the exact measurement, the floor plan itself actually.. So of coz the measurement must be the same, and the way they calculate it should be the same also.. But then the price were different, quite a lot actually and we can see that the salesperson in Shah Alam showroom and Damansara Uptown are so different.. The way they did the quotation.. Shah Alam one was not so professional and even looks puzzle everytime we asked them something.. They even can't give us more discount and of coz no freebies.. Personally, I like the one in Damansara Uptown, by the way his name is Ryan.. He gave us more discount and freebies and the most important thing is he didn't promise something that he was not unsure.. Usually, salesperson will do that, promise something that they didn't know whether it can be done or not right? but then he is not that kind of salesman.. I like that.. :-)

Okay, move on to the next chapter, enuff about the salesman.. hehe.. After changing the design and confirming the color, we paid them 40%  from the total payment.. Please read their policies or any rules that they wrote in each drawing that they gave to you.. Coz they wrote it in very small letters, sometimes customers tend to ignore them.. How many times they will do the touch up, what the salesperson promise to give must be all written in the drawing coz it is really2 useful when there was any misunderstanding between the salesperson, their factory and the installer..

The day after we did the 40% payment, we received a call from their factory, informing us that their installer will come on 10th March to do the kitchen cabinet and wardrobe installation.. We were so impressed at that time coz they were so damn fast.. The salesperson told us that it will took 2 or 3 weeks for the material to be prepared.. But then it was just about 1 week.. I was so relieved, everything went well so far.. But the next two days (I did remember every single details huh~) we received a call again from the factory and guess what??!! "Kilang kami terbakar la.. So tak dpt install 10hb ni.. Paling awal pon dpt dlm mase 2 minggu lg..".. Huh?? My husband was like "WHAT?? Betol ke ni??" Then after arguing about the tragedy, she asked my husband when can they come to our house and install the cabinet (I think she is just their clerk or receptionist).. Then my hubby just said on 15th coz that was the day he was off from work.. Okay, obviously that was a stupid question coz supposedly she's the one who should give the date instead of asking us.. How should we know when the material will be ready?? Then here it goes again, arguing here and there.. Yup my hubby did scold her coz of that stupid question.. We just so damn worried coz we've already paid a lot.. Few days later, we received a call from them again and Alhamdulillah it was confirmed on 15th their installer will come and install the cabinets.. At that time I didn't believe their story - kilang terbakar.. Ade ke kuar paper??

On 14th March, we went to the showroom and pay the full payment.. The next day the installer came and it took them 2 days to install everything.. But still it was not complete.. The installer was the third party, so they didn't know about the materials.. They just came and installed the cabinets based on the drawing that they received.. That's all!! I was quite pissed off at first coz their factory didn't sent the sliding door of the wardrobe and the magic glass for the kitchen cabinet.. So, the installer could not install it at that time and they said there will be another installer will do the rest.. I love the workmanship, it is very good, nice and clean.. They even clean up all the messes, put the fridge and washing machine back to its place, and touch up a bit on the scratches and dirt at the cabinet..

On 17th March, the solid surface top installer came to measure our cabinet.. Owh~ SCI kitchen also outsource their solid surface top, it was not directly from their factory.. So, there were so many miscommunication between the SCI factory and the solid surface top people.. They even gave the wrong address, that was why the installer couldn't come on 16th itself.. So many calls, arguing here and there.. Huh~ It was tiring!! Alhamdulillah on 17th, they came by and measure everything and promise us on 25th the top will be ready to be installed.. And yes on 25th my white solid surface top was successfully installed :-)

We've been waiting for the factory to call us regarding the sliding door and magic glass installation.. However, we didn't receive any calls from them after few days of waiting.. Mr hubby finally call our salesman, Ryan and asked him about it.. A few minutes after that, we received a call from the factory telling us that they'll come on 30th March morning to install the rest.. 2 days before the installation, the girl called me again confirming the date and time, and this time around it was 3pm.. Last time they promised us they'll install it in the morning.. I did argue a bit and then she apologized coz there'll be no installer at that time.. Before hanging up the phone, I did remind her about what to be installed and don't want any miscommunication and anything left behind.. And she said "okay okay"..

On the day itself, the installer didn't came at 3pm as they promised.. Around 330pm hubby called the factory and of coz scolded them a bit.. Around 6pm, they arrived with the doors.. I dun know whether they forgot about the appointment, their system is stupid or what.. If my hubby didn't call them, for sure they'll not come on that day.. Usually after 5pm, they didn't bother to come over anymore.. Even the last installer went home exactly sharp at 5pm.. They even made me more pissed off coz they forgot to bring the soft close for the sliding door and till now, the soft close is still NOT here!!!! I did remind them to bring everything, NOT TO LEAVE ANYTHING BEHIND!!!! But still.. Taktau la bodo ke bangang ke ape ntah.. Bila org pesan elok2 bley plak jwb main2 okay2.. Kalau la I record suara dia tuh..EEEEEEE!!! Geram tol!!! I even scolded both of the installers at that time.. And he promised to bring the soft close the next 2 days.. Till now, habuk pon takde.. Bila dh bayar full camni la layan customer.. Layan tanak layan jek.. Tomorrow we'll call them again!! I dun know how many times dh nk kene call.. Call call tapi satu pon tak jln!! BUDUS!! Maybe kene pegi serang kat kilang kot..

Luckily the kitchen cabinet and wardrobe turn out well.. Of coz I'm happy to see the result.. But still I hate their services and stupid system.. So, for those who want to do your cabinets at the SCI Kitchen.. Do think twice.. Their prices are good but then their services are SUCKS!! Really2 SUCKS!! I dun know about their other customers, but I think most of their customers will say the same thing.. Coz I did hear bad complaints about them also from others.. It is all about their stupid services!!

Here is the outcome..

These are all from my experiences for your info and overview about this SCI Kitchen.. Don't buy on what the salesperson tell u.. Do your study and survey before deciding which one is the best.. Gud luck :-)


  1. thanks for doing this review. sofia mmg tgh survey pon, so, boleh out of list la kedai nih.. :D .. suka kitchen cabinet, taste kita sama!! ;)

  2. hi dear.. thanks for visiting my blog.. do visit again yea~ :-)

  3. Ju cita tu sebijik apa yg v alami. Yup itulah Sci. Memahami apa yg ju rasa.Sgt2 tensen time tuh! Ah! taknak dkenang lagi. Lucky kami tak buat full payment till installation setle den bru v byr balance. Tu pon v bayar lambat&ckit2, kasi dia rasa apa yg kita rasa. HAHAHA. Puas. *even rasa sgt berdosa. he. insaf.

  4. slm view ur blog.
    em, cantek..brp reganya..nk compare ngn csl..sbnrnye cabinet ni kalo murah tak thn lm, kalo mhl sgt pulak tak berape mampu..huhu..
    lg 1,salesperson manis mulut..kalo dpt tarik customer, dia dpt income..yg len tu dia peduli ape..

  5. hi kinna.. u email i la eh about the price.. :-)

  6. SCI just ok because Ryan the salesman take care everything and pickup every time we call even on his off day or MC and good followup every time we call him ensure he is not like average sales guy. The problem is their system at the factory, something missing on delivery, installer schedule etc.2

    Overall i give 2 out of 5 stars.

  7. My mom buat kitchen cab dengan SCI as well. Service wise, by the salesperson okay. Kita call, dia attend. masa my mom furnish her house, i pon ikut dia kehulu-kehilir juga. memang penat mengejar contractors ni. sebab diorang banyak sub-con pada orang lain. Memang kena cerewet pun sebab we pay them a hefty sum of money. bukan seringgit dua. ada once tu, diorg datang pasang nak glass kat kitchen cab. sekali tu, tak sempat pasang terus balik. dia bagitau my mom, salah design. and my mom bayar when my mom dah betul-betul puas hati. dia kejar la nak payment. then again, i pon belum start lagi dengan kitchen cabs. nak mengharungi the second time, dah la pulak, rumah sendiri kan, scary jugak. tapi jue, i pon nak tau berapa diorg quote harga. nnt i email you, ok?

  8. jue, i email u.. nk jugak tahu harga.. :)

  9. Hi there.. could I check with you as to how much you paid for your white solid top per foot run ? Was it just plain white or white colour with some grains/spots on it ?

  10. Hi.. For got already, I think around RM180 per foot run.. And it is white color with some grains on it. :-)

  11. assalamualaikum,nak tau jugak harga yg diaorg quote utk awk, share eh:)

  12. thanks for ur comment,really usefull.i just visit a showroom in puchong cos im staying here.the salegirl name linda was helpful.just 1 thing freebies i got.after reading this blog im a bit scared to proceed wit them eventhough i think the price is so the way one thing that puzzled me is i have to buy my own sink??cos she said they ran out stock?..hmmm

  13. hi mshiraz.. i did buy my own sink.. it is much cheaper compared to theirs and they only have few choices.. no need to be scared.. as long as the sales person okay, then it should be okay.. coz he/she will be dealing with the factory.. happy hunting.. :-)

  14. ok..i agree...if only i found your blog before i bought sci kitchen service. I went to the shah alam branch, convinced that they are honest enough. apparently, the discount doesnt amount much with the headache and telephone cost you have to bear due to casing their contractors around. I spend a lot of time waiting for their guy, calling's such a waste of everything! do not buy anything from SCI!!! they suck!! the girl answering the phone sounded lazy when i complained about their non delivery. They should have responded better.

  15. stewartDecember 15, 2010 at 4:28 PM

    i am Chinese,in 2 year pass i have experience that in big company that have many showroom, some time if u go for the price or better quality...

    you must refer to the honest designer don't go for any salesman !!! , its was terrible if too many people involve in the designing and you will turn up like no ppl want tho entertain you. WHY? Kenapa ? because of money !!!

    if you pay for so little don'texpect you can go for the best service and quality material ...

    different showroom mean different people in charge thats why the cost will differently.

    they are fighting thier sale between branch so becareful ... try ask different company to check it out.

  16. hai,
    baru npk ur blog... i mmg tgh survey sci... tgk showroom kat bangi.. cantik... mmmm ... tapi tgk pic u lawa kan finishing diorg... berbelah bahagi pulak....

  17. Any problem should be refer to salesman.. Thats better..

  18. saya baru kena bang,pikir byk2 sblm amik dgn sci,dah byr full dekat 20k,tersangagttttttt teruk,dia buat mcm duit kita ni x de harga,berlagak sombong

  19. sama kes dgn ika,sgt teruk,mtk maaf,tahap jahat n jahanam sgt2;aku pulak yg kena arange keje utk diaorg,padahal aku dah bhr 20k
    bangsat sgt2,sampai skrg tak setel,saleslady lidah bercabang,x tahu keje,sakit hati btl,exactly the same mcm ika kena,ampunkan aku atas tulisan aku,aku tak redha atas apa diaorg buat kat aku,kalu nak rasa apa aku rasa blh la try,mgkn dia org da ok kot,mmg sgt2 teruk,aku nk panajangkan kes ni

  20. komen kat atas pasal sci mmg tepat,tepat dari segi i dah kena mcm v n ju n others,mmg pembohong,salesperson kaki bohong,pengalaman yg sgt mensakitkan hati,bila nk suruh byr,dia ugut kita kata kalu x byr dia org x mau pasang,dah byr full,dia punya layanan mmg sgt2 teruk n hina,kita tepaksa merayu2 utk mereka setel kan hal kabinet,mmg sgt biaadap sci ni,kurengggggg hajarrrrrr,i nk pi tribunal,x leh tahan sabarrrrrr

  21. i wish i read ur blog b4 i appointed sci.....,kita consumer kat sini mmg slalu kena naya,depa tak kisah sbb depa dok kaya jugak,arrrrghhhhh,mmg jahat tahap gabban

  22. u guys can check some comment abt sci at lowyat forum, terrible...

  23. Ye ke...baru nak pi tgk...takut plk nak amik kat sci...ada pilihan lain tak?

  24. ala...i think i nak hire sci to do my kitchen bar counter..
    tapi the one yg attend i tu malay lady, and dia ckp dia yg akan design and dia juga akan pergi ukur di rumah..adakah i bole about the price i dpt murah compare others..

  25. I understand how you feel. I have the same experience, but with another company. It is an aluminium kitchen cabinet company, Ideal Equitorial. It took the company more than three months to do the installation, yet the quality of work is so shoddy. A lot of scratches on the door, hinges not installed correctly. Each time i asked the owner to rectify the door/ hinges, the result was far worse than before. More scratches appeared at the door, no rectification done and so on. But he was very persistent in asking for payment. We had to pay 40 upfront just for the drawing, then another 40 percent even before the work is started. Each time the installer came, there was not enough material to complete the work. Hence, most of the time, the installer had to come again.

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  33. I don't like their service too!! I had them doing my kitchen cabinet as well. Really super duper don't like their service!!!

  34. I can see that it's a nice kitchen. Sometimes, their service is a bit dude.

  35. Saya buat kitchen kabinet dgn sci bangi ... Memang susah ... byk masalah dgn saleswoman ... sampai saya marah2 pada sales managernya ...

  36. Saya buat kitchen kabinet dgn sci bangi ... Memang susah ... byk masalah dgn saleswoman ... sampai saya marah2 pada sales managernya ...


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