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Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey guys~ The Homedec will be held again at KLCC on 29th April till 2nd May 2010.. For those who are looking for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom accessories, fan, furniture and lots more, should not miss this big event.. 

Before you went there, make sure you have the list what you want to survey, floor plan for the kitchen cabinets and wardrobes and of coz bring some cash to pay for the deposit.. Once you've all the list, got all the quotations, seat together with your partner and decide which one is the best!! Unless you have time to go back there again and face the crowds one more time, you can discuss it at home.. 

Last time when we went there, the price was not so much different with outside shops.. But then, it is the best place for you to do the survey as most of the top suppliers were there.. So, it is easier for you to do the survey at just one place.. You just have to be there as early as possible to avoid the crowds.. :-)

We might be there to survey the sofa.. Maybe we can find something that we want at the best price.. Hehe.. So mari lah ramai2 ke Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre yea~ :-)


  1. mari..mari..i think home dec punya pameran is better than perfect livin la..tak sbr nk g sane..c u there!

  2. macam menarik laaaa.... wow weeeee!!!!

  3. We'll be there too to check out outdoor gardening stuff :)

  4. salam singgah,
    mmg plan nak pegi sana this saturday...nk cari sofa juga.

  5. Homedec is the good platform to shop for home deco and reno products.

    transform your bathroom


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