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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Favorite Spot - Modern & Simple Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobe

I'm so excited typing this entry, coz i'm waiting for this for quite some time, 3 months to be exact.. This will be my favorite spot now.. hehe.. As I'll always cook and prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner to my family.. :-)

As promised, this is my new kitchen cabinet with solid surface top.. I love it so much, easy for me to clean and maintain, so far.. hehe.. Still have lots of empty spaces up there, waiting to be filled up.. We'll start unpack all the boxes in the guest room after this and put all the stuff in this lovely cabinets..

We want something that looks modern and simple.. So here it is, after few times we did the changes here and there.. Maybe someday we will put the bar counter there.. :-) I love the white top as all the scratches can't be seen.. But then need to be careful as it might easily leave a stain on it especially serbuk kunyit.. So make sure u wipe it as soon as u drop it.. hehe..

The L-shape cabinet with 70mm solid surface top..

I've started my cooking for the last few days and I enjoy every minute of it.. It feels different as we pay a lot for the kitchen and of coz I took an extra care everytime I use it.. I even taught my hubby on how to use and clean up the hob, and what he needs to do everytime he washed all the dishes.. Luckily he just follow every single thing coz I know deep down inside his heart, he has to take care of the kitchen too.. hehe.. kene la pandai jage kan baru tahan lama :P

Tall unit to hide the fridge and washing machine..

Other view..

Actually our initial plan was to put the washing machine outside, but then we've to extend a bit to cover it.. So, we've to hold it first coz of our tight budget.. Later  on, we still can put the cabinet there, so should be no problem.. :-) With these L-shape and tall unit cabinet, our kitchen still looks spacious.. :D

I love this sink coz sungguh dalam, senang I nak basuh periuk belanga semua.. hehe

For our wardrobe, we can't do the L-shape one coz of our downlight.. As hubby doesn't want to move it, so we just do the simple one.. And we put another 2 feet on the left to make it like a walk-in wardrobe eventho it is not.. haha.. Actually we just wanna put like a board there to make the wall looks bigger, so that we can put the LCD tv there.. However, the salesman said that we've to support the board so he suggested to make a small cabinet there.. We just agreed as we can still fully utilized the space..

our wardrobe

Big enuff for us so far.. Still lot of empty spaces..

This is the one that suppose to be only board.. Got 3 doors and 1 of them, I hang all my tie rack scarves :-)

Btw, we did our kitchen cabinet and wardrobe at SCI Kitchen.. I'll make a special entry about their services, workmanship and prices.. Lots of things need to be shared and luahan perasaan jugak.. hahaha..


  1. congrats sis! bila nak jemput lunch ke, dinner ke?

  2. hye, just walking. nice kitchen! wohooo i like!

  3. i like the sleek surface of the kitchen cabinet :D

  4. cantik kc u. may i know what color?

  5. thanks everyone..

    Hi W..A..H, it is black in color... :-)

  6. cantik sgt!!!!! so jealous!! hihi.......coz i br buy a hse before moving to dubai...n now rumah tu terbengkalai je, nasib baik my abah tgk2kan once in awhile.. uhuk sedih.. i really wanted a YELLOW KITCHEN!! i think my feelings will be like yours - bila dah ade kitchen kuning tu sure its my fav spot too! :)

  7. hi jue,

    what colour is your kitchen cabinet? Is this dark brown? Thanks

  8. hai! juz found n follow your blog :]
    cantek nya kitchen you... i pun tgh survey kitchen cabinet nih. may i know your kitchen price please? my email
    tq so much :)

  9. Hi nice to meet you.. i also half way doing survey on my kitchen much CLS kitchen charged you?? can send to my email please?!!!

    Thanks!! thanks for sharin!.. ur kitchen and wardobe very nice.. the colour very match!

  10. opps.. not CLS kitchen it's SCI ktchen..sorry sorry~

  11. Hi Zul, thanks for sharing your experience. I am also hunting for kitchen cabinet now. Will be very much appreciated if you can email me how much it costs you on your beautiful kitchen cabinet.

  12. dear jue,

    i must say that you really have one helluva great looking kitchen! a true minimalist and comes with jue's personal touch, what more can one ask for, right? :) i'm really in the midst of finding myself a good kitchen designer, supplier and installer. Your review on SCI was of help, thanks! May i know how much ur whole kitchen cabinet cost, if you don't mind? my email Thanks a lot Jue, take care and have a marvellous time in ur kitchen!

  13. Do you mind sharing with me how much you have spent for both of your dry and wet kitchen? Need to do some rough estimate for my kitchen remodeling before checking out SCI Kitchen. Thank you :)

  14. can u share with me also how much sci quotes you..? jazakallahu khairan kasira..

  15. Hi Julie.. can u email me ur email add plz?

  16. Hi, I'm in a dilemma of getting one good contractor for kitchen cabinet, wardrobe. I stumbled upon your blog when I googled for kitchen and wardrobe promotion. Your reviews definitely helped me a lot. I'm looking for exactly the same colour in kitchen too! Black and white! Can you kindly advise me? My budget is low.
    Sau Ming

  17. hi...nice to meet u...can u share the price of ur kitchen cabinet...tq very much...

  18. plz share the price to me

  19. Your kitchen is definitely a very nice one!! Senang mata memandang =)I'm actually surveying for kitchen cabinet & saw your blog. Memang sgt cantik. Hope that u don't mind to share the price u paid for ur kitchen cabinet as soon as possible..Most likely dapat kunci rumah in 2 weeks time. TQ in advance!

  20. Salam zulaikha. i'm also looking for kitchen cabinet and came accross your blog. i like ur kitchen.. appreciate if u could share the price quotation. thanks.

  21. Hi Cik Zulaikha, I like your KC so much. Do u mind email me the quotation also.


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