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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Applying Calamine Lotion on Baby

Arsyad had bad rashes for the past 3 days, I think bcoz of the hot weather nowadays.  His face especially on his nose and under his right eye area got quite bad rashes, very red and sometimes it was like swollen. Last night, we gave him rhinathiol, he got better for a while, not scratching his nose and face anymore. 

I dun know whether today is better than last night. But I just applied the calamine lotion to his face, the same one that we use when he had the rashes all over his body. Hopefully, it will sooth his skin a bit and he can sleep well tonight.

I love this roll-on calamine lotion, just like our deodorant. :-)


  1. comenye Arsyad...lamanya rasa tak meet up ek!..rindu kat Arsyad and mamanya...muaaahhs

  2. hehe cute lil arsyad..

    anyway, my son pn rashes sajek lagi² kalau time panas and sweating will cause bad rashes to him. kesian tgk dia..

    but i pkai decocort krim from paed dkt rumah i. and so far cpt okeh bila dia pkai but kne apply slalu la. kecik jek krim tu RM13.


  3. kesian arsyad..skrg tgh musim mcm2 penyakit. yg kesian kt bb lah...get well soon darl..

  4. Sis: Tuh la.. lame dh tak jumpe.. aritu lalu depan umah, tgk tak balik keje pegi je la umah yanie.. :D

    yunz: arini arsyad dh ok sikit.. Alhamdulillah.. ade sikit2 je lg merah2.. decocort krim tu ade steroid tak?

    CiKaYu: thanks aunty.. tuh la musim skrg kan.. naseb baik arini hujan, tak menggaru sgt dia.. :-)

  5. sianyer arsyad ... itulah cuaca tgh panas nih sure dia x selesa kan??.. hope arsyad cepat sembuh yer syg....


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