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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can't Wait!!!

Just came back from another birthday celebration, which i'll blog about it later.. :) I'm so happy today, everyday pon happy..haha..

Alhamdulillah, we received a letter from our house developer last week to collect our house key, of coz after paying all the charges (RM1k jugak tau..huhu~).. so, this morning we managed to go to the developer's office at Damansara Perdana.. i thought we can get our key on the dot, but then they said we need to wait for another 3 days.. haaiishh.. can't wait to see our house, coz i can't remember how my house look like.. cane nak ingat, we bought it 2 years ago.. before we got married to be exact.. 

InsyaAllah, this Sunday we'll go to the site and check all the defect and whatnot.. so after this... contractor hunting!!! huhu~ actually, we already have few in the list already, just need to measure everything and get their exact quotation.. hurm~ duit lg melayang.. its okay, as long as i can have my own dream house.. :) 

Can't wait to see our house!! cepatla hari Ahad!! hopefully we can move in to our new house by end of this year.. :) 


  1. can't wait jugak.. tapi can't wait nak holiday balik kampung!!

  2. huhu~ aah ek.. next week dh balik kampung..oooo~ balik kampung~~ oooo balik kampung~ hati girang!! :D

  3. home... besh2!!! nnt upload gamba rumah baru ekk...nk tgk..mesti cantik sbb ur dream house...

  4. hehe.. insyaAllah.. but then, umah kosong je la dulu.. once dh complete renovation sume, baru nmpak ok sikit kot.. huhu~


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