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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Finding way out..

Arsyad is so active nowadays, and most of the time he will sleep around 1 am and sometimes 2 am in the morning.. huh~ both of us will be sleepy the next morning as he'll get up early and wanna play as soon as he opens his eyes.. he'll play on his own for about 1/2 an hour, then he'll cry asking us to pick him up from his cot and then wanna play water while having his shower.. he knows his routine already..  :)

After his papa went to work, he'll play on his play mat.. and will follow me everywhere i go.. to the kitchen when i wanna cook his porridge or doing the laundry.. to the 2nd room where i kept all his clothes.. and the one that he loves to go lately is under the table.. he'll try to find a way out from one end to another.. left right, left right until he reaches to the next end.. he'll laugh and talk to himself.. we just let him playing on his own as he seems really enjoy finding his way out.. i was scared at first, afraid he'll knock his head.. but, eventually he knows how to control his head, hand and leg.. good boy~ 

ooo~ ooo~ this is not the way out.
maybe this way..
oh no!! i can't go out..
i just knocked my head..uuuuwwwaa!!!
Arsyad~ Arsyad~.. now he knows how to "bye-bye", clap his hands, understand when mama n papa ask him to come here, and sometimes understand the word "No".. I always use that word especially when he wanna go to the tele and when he wanna come out from his bath tub while having shower.. he is still learning how to shake hands..Raya is coming..need to know how to shake hands, baru dpt duit raya.. hehe.. and lately he likes to bite me especially when he wants his precious milk, luckily he just got 1 tooth.. but, he'll do that only if mama n papa ignored him or we are busy with something else.. hehe

My baby is growing up so fast!! i just can't believe watching him crawling, standing and walking (of coz with a support)..he can make a step while holding to the sofa and even can walk around his rocker and make a full round.. :) everyday he'll learn a new skill.. sometimes, he'll pretend like didn't hear me calling him after having his milk.. he'll just lie down beside me, ignore me and looking at somewhere else.. he'll not look at me at all even my face is in front of him.. it is so damn funny looking at his cute face, trying not to smile at me.. his lips will be like muncung2 a bit, control jek tanak senyum.. and badan pon keras jek..haha.. i wish i can record that moments..hehe

Love u baby.. can't wait to see u in Baju Melayu..hehe

p/s: can't wait to go back to our hometown this Thursday!! oooo~ balik kampung~~ oooo balik kampung~~ hati girang~~ :D


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