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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Little Birthday Celebration @ Baskin Robbins

It's actually Zafran's 2nd birthday celebration.. i thought there'll be no birthday celebration for zafran this year as it is Ramadhan.. hehe.. but hey, maybe it was a last minute plan.. so, after berbuka puasa off we go to the Baskin Robbins, The Curve.. only 3 of us were there for the celebration, others can't make it.. we're still having fun especially the kids.. 

Cutting cake session.. he was very happy when everyone sang him
Happy Birthday song..
Zafran's enjoying his cake.. bukan selalu mommy kasik 
mkn cake.. mkn puas2.. hahaha
Zafran with Mommy & Daddy.. yellow themes.. yuuhuu~
Oh btw, this was the 2nd time Arsyad attended a birthday party.. hehe.. he is so cute wearing the birthday party hat.. and guess what?? he even didn't take the hat off from his head.. at first, he seems like not comfortable with the hat on his head, but then after a while, he just enjoying the party, watching all his cousins eating the cake, running here and there.. sorry Arsyad, no cake for u.. u're still a baby, can't eat that kind of food yet okay..

Mama, Papa & lil Arsyad :)
Isn't he cute?? wait for ur birthday kay Arsyad :)
Arsyad wanna wish "Abang Afran" (that's the name Zafran call himself in front of Arsyad..hehe) HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. I'll give u the birthday pressie later kay.. mama & papa didn't buy it yet.. hehe.. :P

Mama, Papa & Arsyad


  1. did zafran mum graduated from uia? she looks awfully familiar!

  2. Thanks cik jue for being there :) love u love u!! muah!!


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