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Friday, September 18, 2009

Blogging @ Our Hometown

Yeah~ we're at our hometown, Terengganu.. we managed to push off from KL around 7 am from our home, eventho we planned to push off around 6 am.. and Alhamdulillah, we arrived here around 2 pm, after few times stop, coz hubby was sleepy and actually it was about an hour we stuck in Kuala Trg town itself.. hurm~ maybe everyone is starting to do their final shopping coz today is Friday, and Friday is a day off in Trg.. 

While we were getting ready to go back home, suddenly Arsyad get up from sleep and smile at us.. he was so damn excited (tau2 je nak gi jln2).. he was just looking at me wearing my tudung and doing my final checklist.. waiting for me to pick him up.. Alhamdulillah, he was so behaved along the way.. just crying for his precious milk and when he was bored sitting in his car seat.. so, i'll give him few minutes rest out from his car seat to play.. 

So today is our 2nd day berbuka puasa at our hometown.. yesterday was at my place and today was at my MIL's.. luckily, our house is just few minutes away.. no need for us to argue and take turn for Hari Raya.. hehe.. ok la just a bit update before Hari Raya.. InsyaAllah will update more if i've time, but most probaby not.. haha..

he loves to smile like this nowadays.. :)
p/s: Arsyad just try on his baju melayu with sampin and songkok.. so cute~ can't wait to take our family photos.. :D


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