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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Haji Arsyad

Hehe.. mentioned about Haji, i just remembered the tv series, forgot which channel.. His fren introduces him to someone as Haji Mustapha.. but then, he replied "Bukan satu kali Haji, tapi 3 kali Haji.. Haji Haji Haji Mustapha..".. haha.. i dun know what is the connection of those scripts with this entry.. haha..

Actually we captured Arsyad's picture wearing this mini jubah.. it is actually Zafran's jubah.. hehe.. so cute~ 

Haji Arsyad.. hehe

Look at all the piccas, just remembered we didn't buy songkok for Arsyad yet.. hurm~ 


  1. hahahah comel bangat!!! know wat.. zafran tak penah sempat bleh pakai jubah tu sbb by the time nak pakaikan dia.. kepala dah tak muat nak masuk.. hahahahhaahha

    its good to see arsyad in that jubah!! comelnyeeeeeee

  2. Yanie: kepala arsyad pon ngam2 jek.. pasni tak muat dh tu.. haha

    fizamior: hehe.. aah cute jek dia dlm jubah tu.. tak kesah pon mama n papa dia buat ape2 pon.. haha


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